When Too Good isn't Good at all...


Hidden away in closets are three cameras. None are digital. They don't even take 35 mm film. I admit it...I'm an old Polaroid user. Although there is a movement to revive the old Polaroid movement by The Impossible Project, I am fascinated by the iPhone Apps that try to emulate the old Polaroid "look." Apps like ShakeIt have been made that allow you to re-create the look and feel of old Polaroid prints.

They are even fun to use. You can "shake" or "blow" on the image, they say, to help them develop.

The problem, for some Polaroid aficiandos is that the images are too ... good. They don't, according to the critics, look enough like the "real" Polaroids. For me, that doesn't matter. I liked the old Polaroids, I like these Polaroid copy-cats. Taking pictures has always been an art form that folks argue about. This is just another point to argue...or enjoy.

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Joel Heffner is a writer and speaker. He has been writing about photography for about thirty years, ever since his book <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Amphoto-Guide-Wedding-Photography-Series/dp/081743... Guide to Wedding Photography</a> was published. Today, he mainly uses two types of cameras, pinhole cameras and an iPhone, a photographic odd couple of sorts.