What's your favorite app or accessory? We want to publish it


The staff here at iPhone Life is hard at work creating The Buyers Guide for our next issue and we want your help!

We will be featuring your recommendations in the buyers guide. If you would like to recommend an app for our next issue fill out this form.  Please share this with your iphone friends - all those people who use an app they can't live without!  


Here is a mock up of what the list will look like. This is only a mock up and not for publication


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    David Averbach is the CEO and Publisher of iPhone Life magazine and winner of FOLIO magazine's 2014 media industry's innovators 20 in Their 20's. David Co-hosts the iPhone Life Podcast, and has an obsession with all things Apple. He grew up on Macs and now has a MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad Pro, Apple Watch, Homepod, Apple TV, and Airpods. David enjoys traveling and a good cup of coffee. He has been to over 25 countries.

    To contact David, email him at david@iphonelife.com.