Verizon iPhone: new report predicts successful launch

Ok so we didn't need a report to tell us that the Verizon iPhone will be a success. Everyone and their mom is talking about it. The Prelaunch for existing Verizon customers sold out in less than 24 hours. However, it's interesting to see the predictions for just HOW succesful the launch will be:

According to a recent survey by uSamp, 26% of AT&T customers intend to switch to the Verizon iPhone (29% of which plan to switch on launch day). Not surprisingly the number one reason AT&T customers cite for switching is dropped calls. The report was not only troubling for AT&T but also for Blackberry and Android manufacturers.

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Among existing Verizon Customers, almost two thirds of Blackberry users (66%) plan on switching to the iPhone and almost half of Android users (44%) are jumping ship.

It should be noted that the survey had a relatively small samply size (n=700). Still the results are compelling. What do you guys think? Will you be waiting in line come Feb 10th? Are you willing to sacrifice your data speed for the ability to make and receive phone calls? I am stuck in my contract for another year and a half. For now I'm not willing to buy out of my contract, but as soon as my contract expires I will definitely jump ship. However, I will definitely miss the ability to use data while talking on the phone.

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