iPhone Case Review: Marware, Pong, and Otterbox

While everyone's attention is (justifiably) on the iPad 2 and it's apps and accessories these days, manufactures continue to make excellent cases for the iPhone. It's my job to make sure these cases don't go unnoticed. Here are a few new cases I've tested recently:

Otterbox Reflexive Series ($44.95; http://www.otterbox.com/reflex-series-cases/) When I reviewed the Otterbox Defender Series I said "If I ever had to take an iPhone to war, this is the case I'd use. " Fortunately I'm not planning on going to war anytime soon, and while I like Otterbox's emphasis on protection, the defender series is a little bit over kill for my daily use (I prefer the phone to fit in my pocket thank you very much). Enter the Otterbox Reflexive Series. The Reflexive case gives you the protection of an Otterbox yet still fits in your pocket. According to Otterbox, the lightwieght case "surrounds each device with a cushion of air, the Reflex Series flexes upon impact and rebounds to its original form. Focused on protecting the occupant, just like the crumple zone of a car. " The case also comes apart for easy docking.

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The Verdict: This is the case I use for my own iPhone. That's as strong of a reccomendation as I can give a case. It's thin enough to not get in the way and it protective enough to ease my mind.

Marware DuoShell Glow ($34.99; http://www.marware.com/iphone-cases/iphone-4-cases/duoshell-iphone-4-case)

The Marware DuoShell Glow is a thin snap on case. The main appeal to this case is that it glows in the dark. This is very useful when reaching for your phone in the middle of the night. The case fuses a hard polycarbonate back piece with a raised, semi-soft rubberized front frame 

The Verdict: This case is thin and stylish. However, it does not provide significant drop protection. I'm also not that impressed by the glow in the dark. First of all I've never once said "I wish my phone glowed in the dark". It's not really functionaliy I need. Second of all, I generally keep my phone in my pocket during the day. This prevents the case from getting enough light to glow at night.

Casemate Bounce with pong technology($49.99; http://www.case-mate.com/iPhone-4-Cases/Case-Mate-iPhone-4-Bounce-Case-with-Pong-Radiation-Reducing-Technology.asp)

Most cases protect your phone from you, the Casemate Bounce protects you from your phone. A growing body of research is showing that exposure to cellular radiation can be detremental to your health. The Bounce uses pong technology to deflect the cellular radiation away from you head while using the phone. 

The Verdict: While a little bit bulky for a skin, the Bounce isn't bad looking and protects your phone pretty well. Most importantly it protects you. For people who are heavy iPhone users this is definitely a case to consider.

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