The iBible: Does an Increase in Bible App Sales Imply a Shift in Demographics?

NIV Bible BibleReader

According to the Atlantic Monthly, on Monday, a bible app cracked the top 10 highest grossing iPad book apps of all time. The NIV Bible Reader is currently getting 3,000 downloads a day.  The app is also ranked number 2 on the iPhone just behind Green Eggs and Ham.

Since the advent of the printing press, the bible has easily been the top selling book of all time. Some experts estimate that the bible has sold more than 6 billion copies. Compared to that, the 3.5 million units sold on iTunes seems pretty insignificant. But the article in Atlantic speculates that the increased bible sales demonstrates a broadening demographic of iPhone and iPad users away from mostly liberal, urban, areligous users.

This is an interesting editorial. I suggest you check it out.


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