UPDATE: How to Make Money with iPhone Apps

UPDATE: We have had a tremendous response to this webinar so far. If you can't make it Wednesday at 8 PM ET, still sign up because we will be playing replay at a later date.


iPhone Life is not only your source for great apps, we are also here to teach you how to build great apps! If you’ve ever wondered how to cash in on the iPhone App craze, we have a very special FREE webinar for you. Our friend Trey Smith is an expert in creating and selling iPhone apps…without any programming knowledge whatsoever! 

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Trey is making over $400 per day creating popular iPhone apps and giving them away for free. These apps cost him hardly anything to develop. One of his best apps, a cool (and addictive) game called Jump Pack, reached #21 most downloaded free iPhone app in the US!

You would think he paid a ton of money to have it developed, but the truth is it only cost him $180. Want to know how he does it? You can find out for FREE Next Wednesday, September 14th at  8:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT

Trey has made the coveted “Top 50” ranking in the iTunes store twice now. We’ll get him to reveal what he is doing and how it works. The iPhone market is RED HOT right now, and will be for quite some time. Within three years, Apple is expected to be making more money on Apps than music! With over 30 Million Apps downloaded each day, there’s no end in sight. If you want to create your own iPhone Apps and sell them, don’t miss this Free Webinar.

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