Case Review: Apple's Case Give Away. Get your free case before it ends.

Apple recently announced that they will be discontinuing there free case program on September 30th. If you haven't already gotten your free case from Apple, you have 17 days and counting. To get sign up for your free case, simply download Apple's iPhone 4 Case Program app and follow the instructions (it's very quick and easy).

I've had the chance to test out many of the cases Apple is offering. The cases are low to mid level. They will all solve your iPhone's antenna problems, but none of the cases offer particularly good protection.  Here is a review of some of my favorite cases being offered:

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Apple Bumper Case

The Apple bumper case wouldn't protect your iPhone from a fly, but it looks beautiful and it solves the reception problems. The case slips easily around the phone allowing you to keep an "almost naked" while preventing the phone from lying directly on a surface and allowing you to make calls while holding the phone any way you want.

Incase Snap Case

The Incase Snap Case provides a little better protection against drops and scratches while still remaining almost invisible. The Snap Case  is made from thin clear plastic and provides side and back protection but does not protect the chrome bezel or the screen.

Speck Fitted for iPhone

While the goal of the first two cases was to remain invisible the Speck Fitted will make you stand out. The two piece case provides better protection than the both the Snap and the Bumper Case and the cloth pattern on the back gives your phone a sophisticated look and feel. I get more complements from this case than any other. My one complaint is that once on, it is very difficult to take off. 

Speck Geometric

This is another unique looking case from speck.  I really like the triangular pattern on the back. The flexible plastic doesn't provide quite as good protection as the Speck Fitted's hard plastic, and it doesn't protect the screen as well either. But it still provides superior protection to the first two cases and it is easier to slip on and off the phone than the Fitted.


Have you gotten your free case yet? Which one did you get? Post in comments.

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