Puzzle Me!!! Game Review

As a fan of both videogames and jigsaw puzzles, I am always excited to see a puzzle game hit the App Store. The high resolution touchscreens on Apple's iOS devices naturally lend themselves toward the concept of a 'virtual jigsaw puzzle.' Here's where the game 'Puzzle Me!!!' comes in. The app is marketed to children and adults alike, and boasts 50 unique puzzles, each with four difficulty settings to conquer. That said, I must make something abundantly clear: the game is almost punishingly easy. Even on the hardest difficulty setting, a puzzle can easily be completed in just a few minutes. To make things even easier, the developers decided that if the player drags a piece even remotely close to where it belongs, it should automatically snap into place.

With that gripe out of the way, I do have some praise for the game. Each of the puzzles in the game is vibrant and interesting to look at. There are five different themes of puzzles to start with (water, cars, aliens, girls, and underwater). If that's not quite enough to fill your insatiable appetite for jigsaw puzzles, additional theme sets can be purchased for 99 cents each.

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As for my personal feelings toward the game, frankly I'm conflicted. I think that Puzzle Me!!! would probably delight any child given the opportunity to play it. What bothers me is that the developers decided to market the app toward all age groups, and the game is simply too easy to hold most adults' attention for longer than a few minutes.

Puzzle Me!!! is a universal app, meaning that for the low entry fee of 99 cents, you can install the same app on any of your iOS devices and it will automatically make full use of the screen real-estate you're working with. If you have children who enjoy jigsaw puzzles, this game should probably be an instant buy for you. However, if you're a teenage-or-older jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, you'd probably be better off looking elsewhere to get your puzzle fix.

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