iControlPad to be Released Soon, Gamers to Suddenly Have Less Free Time

The iControlPad is an iPhone accessory of near-mythical proportions - it's been in development for nearly two years. Multiple delays have plagued the product, but at last, iOS gamers can breathe a collective sigh of relief, as the device's creator, @craigix, has announced that orders are finally going to be taken this weekend. For anyone who hasn't heard of the iControlPad, please avert your eyes to the picture attached to this article. After soaking in the beauty of what your retinas have just observed, read on.

Behold the glory of the iControlPad!


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Let's face it - the iPhone and iPod touch are terrific little gaming devices, but there are some games that are just meant to be played with a physical controller (emulators in particular come to mind). The iControlPad solves this problem in a wonderful way - simply insert your iPhone, iPod Touch, or other compatible device (including many Android or Nokia phones) and pair the iControlPad via bluetooth, and you're all set to game, with a full d-pad, two control nubs, 6 buttons on the face of the device, and two buttons on the rear.

For us iPhone users, there's a small caveat - the device will work without a jailbreak, but only in 'keyboard mode.' This means that any apps you intend to use those glorious physical controls with will need to have keyboard support. But fear not, as the situation isn't all doom-and-gloom! Jailbreak your iDevice, and suddenly you have a whole world of options available to you using the iControlPad - you'll be able to play all those ROMs (that you legally own, right?) just the way they're meant to be played. 

The iControlPad is expected to go on sale at the official site on the weekend of February 6th. It will cost around $75(US) before shipping and taxes (from the UK). Should you order one? Yes, if you like things that are awesome.

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