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Great Maine Food - a tourist's delight

Today I'd like to bring your attention to an iPad app called (quite appropriately) 'Great Maine Food.' As the name suggests, the app is a very powerful tool for finding a varitable smorgasbord of delectable delights when in Maine. However, the app doesn't stop at just listing good places to eat; instead, there is a wealth of useful information. Just check out some of the excellent features of the app (taken from the app's description):

Great Maine Food is an app with quite a fitting title.

-All Recipes are illustrated
-An ingredient calculator that lets you know the quantity of ingredients to be used based on the number of people you are serving
-Ability to add notes to the recipes
-An inbuilt cooking timer 
-Easy addition of recipes to the menu, list of favorites and shopping list
-Photographs and definitions of ingredients
-Sharing recipes via Facebook and e-mail
-Preparing invites for special events by including the menu 
-Instructional videos that provide cooking tips and step-wise recipe preparation
-Google map with restaurants, inns with dining and wineries and breweries clearly marked
-Shopping list generation by combining all the recipes that have been added to the list
-“Editor’s Pick” recommendations


With all these great features, I feel it's safe to say that anyone would be able to find something they love in Maine - whether they're a local or traveling there for the first time. The layout of the app is terrific, and everything is presented very well; I never had even a slight issue with navigating around the app's menus. If I have one complaint about the app, it's that it doesn't work on the iPhone or iPod Touch. It would be nice to be able to use the app (even with limited functionality) on my mobile device and take the wealth of information around with me. 

Great Maine Food is available in the app store for $4.99, and (if you'll permit me to make a terrible pun), the app definitely "delivers."

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