App Review: Seembee allows you to finally stop worrying about document management

There are a myriad of document management apps available in Apple's App Store; some of these apps rise above the rest, heads held high, and accomplish their set goal. Other apps of this type are as much a failure as that Super Mario Brothers film that we all like to pretend never happened. With Seembee, Appsli Business Development has created an app that they believe will simplify document management and storage once and for all, and I believe they've succeeded at accomplishing this lofty goal.

The free app allows users to upload notes, scanned (via the phone's camera) documents, and immage files to Seembee's servers. Users can also attach notes or voice memos to each item they upload.

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We've all experienced this unfortunate scenario at one point (or more) in our lives - we write vitally important information down on a piece of scratch paper, and ten minutes later when we try to find that paper, we run around our homes like a chicken without a head in search of self-enlightenment, only to find that the information we seek is nowhere in sight. With Seembee, this scenario never need occur in your life again. The app does a phenomenal job of simplifying data storage, management, and organization, and I truly feel that anyone who is looking to simplify the storage of large amounts of information simply needs this app.

An Appsli spokesperson was quoted as saying, “If you think about it this is a pretty big development, because with Seembee you can literally upload the important data in your life with each passing moment – in real-time. This gives you freedom from the old process, which was essentially tossing these ‘small data documents’ into a random drawer and then cursing, three months (or three years…) later, when you can’t remember where you put them. The ability to, in real-time, upload documents, or to upload a picture that captures the essence of an important moment, or to add recorded notes and audio that chronicle an unbelievable night; these are all game-changers.” This quote sums up the importance of this app perfectly; now that I've used Seembee I'm not certain how I ever lived without it, and it will remain on my phone for the forseeable future.

The app itself is free; you get to try the app for a time to see if you like it (which I'm sure you will), after which point you can continue to use it via in-app purchases. A 1 month subscription costs $2.99, and a year-long subscription costs only $14.99 - in my mind, these fees are completely reasonable when you consider the peace of mind this app will grant you.

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Dain Schroeder, age 23, is known by many as simply "that geeky who fixed my computer." Dain currently works as a data center security supervisor for a private Microsoft data center facility. Dain has also participated in two internships with the United States Department of Energy as a student researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California, and has published two computer science related research studies with them. In his spare time, Dain enjoys building computers, trying out new apps and software, and (perhaps most of all) writing articles and editorials for various websites.