Ping, is not ready for prime time yet!

Ping is very confusing for some people, so here's my explanation and the way I see it.

Ping is the new feature added to iTunes 10 which was hailed as a social network for Apple customers to use. Steve Jobs did say that it was a social network for MUSIC only. Now this would be fine with me however, Apple did not go far enough with the concept to make it worthwhile for me and others to use. Let me explain why.


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According to my understanding of how Ping works, you are able to let others know what you're listening to and what you think are great tunes among other options available, right? Well that would be fine if I could let my friends know about the music I listen to without buying it on iTunes first. That's right folks, you have to buy the music on iTunes first (even though I already own 745 CD's with lots of music on them) in order to be able to share the title and a sample of the music with the rest of the world. Why would I or anybody else for that matter want to pay twice for a song just to let our friends know about the great songs we're listening to?


What Apple needs to do is, allow us to enter the name of the singer and/or song title and then provide a link for the other person(s) via Twitter, Facebook, SMS or Email, to preview it so they can decide if they want the to pay for the song themselves and put it into their collection of tunes.


Another issue I have, that I thought was being fixed from all the reports I've seen on the Internet recently is that the songs need to be increased from 30 sec to 60 sec's for preview purposes, and preferably the meat of the song (like maybe where the title came from). Have you ever listened to a 30 sec preview and found that the first 20-25 seconds was just music and no words? How lame is that? Do you really think I'm going to spend my hard earned money on a song that I don't know if it contains explicit words that I don't care to here or want the kids to hear? I don't think so.


As usual, please leave any comments, suggestions or concerns about this issue in the blog so that others can follow your opinions.




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