Firmware Review - The new Apple iOS 4.1 on the 3GS

How is the new Apple iOS 4.1 Firmware Update working on my 3GS?

I just downloaded and installed the 4.1 firmware and so far it's looking pretty good on my 3GS. An explanation of my findings are listed below:


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  1. Right off the bat I noticed a big performance boost in loading and switching the apps that are in my task list.
  2. When I wanted to close an app completely I use to have to get my finger just right on the minus sign to close out the app that was listed on the edge since I use a silicone protector for my iPhone and now it's not so. I was able to close the app just by pressing on the minus sign as if there were no protection on the iPhone. This is so much easier to do than before.
  3. I found a new app icon on my home screen for Game Center.
  4. We now have the Field Test Mode for iPhone that we had before which was a real biggie for some of us who liked to see what the field strength numbers were instead of 1-5 bars on the iPhone display. Thank you for bringing this feature back to your customers.
  5. I did drop several calls using my Bluetooth headset with iOS 4.0?, so I'm going to check out my bluetooth device in the next few weeks to see if it happens again and under what circumstances.
  6. I still can't use iMovie on my 3GS and maybe I'll never get to until I upgrade to the iPhone4 and I do not want to jailbreak my iPhone so that I can do it. I'll just wait a little while longer I guess.
  7. The accelerometer seems to be a lot slower with this Firmware Upgrade on my 3GS.
  8. My Text Messaging screen are locking up several times during a conversation, and I have been able to use a workaround by task switching to another program and then back and the text message then adds another line below it and I'm not sure if the other person gets the total message or just the new information that I enter the second time. This is not good Apple.
  9. It now takes a very long time to charge the iPhone. I'd say at least twice, maybe close to three times as long. What's up with that?


I can not check out the Photo feature because that was only for the iPhone 4.

Game Center I'm really not a Multi-player game person so that option is a feature to me and not a benifit.

High dynamic range (HDR) photos is also a feature for me at this time because I'm using the 3GS.

I couldn't find the Disable Spell Check Feature option anywhere, so if any of the viewers know where this is, please let us know (maybe it also is an iPhone4 thing, which would explain why I'm unable to find it).

FaceTime well we know why that is, don't we.

The battery life, I'll have to use it for a week or two to see if there's any noticeable difference because of the iOS 4.1

I use Gmail for my Email and the Email retrieval process seems to be slower that it use to be with the 4.1 firmware update. I'll check it out for the next few weeks to see if it's an issue or not.


Well, since I would have to spend a lot of money on the iPhone4 (because I don't believe in being tied down to a contract), I'll just have to wait a little longer since I'm only half way there right now. Plus I'm thinking that if I can hold off until next year, Apple will have a better iPhone for their customers to use, without antenna problems etc, and the silicone cases will be much better and more exact in the fittings that it just might be worth it to me at that time. Then I'll be ready to hand over that much money at one time.

Who knows, maybe Apple will figure out a way to give me everything else like High Dynamic Range (HDR) with my 3GS until next years iPhone model.


As usual, leave a your comments or any suggestions that you might have on the blog, so that the rest of us can benefit from your wisdom also.




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