App Review - Zip Buddy

Have you ever needed to mail a package from a different location, and didn't know the zip code there?

Well now it's easy to find the zip code of your current address. Several times I was visiting family and I wanted to order an item online and I did know the current address of where I was at however, I didn't know the Zip Code to enter on the shipment page of my online order. That's no problem though, I've got an app for that and it's called Zip Buddy. The app icon looks like this:

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And when you tap on the icon, it automatically takes you to the next screen which is the only screen. It assumes that you're at the location you want the Zip Code for. It then displays a screen with your current city and state along with the current zip code.

This app is pretty straight forward and very simple to use. So if you're looking for the current zip code, this app will provide the information you need.

This app works on your current address only.

It would of been nice if I could of also entered an address with a city and state, without the zip code and the app could then give me the zip code based on all the entered information. Maybe in the next release it will be available for the customers if the developers are reading their app reviews.

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