App Review - iTranslate Plus

Here's how to translate a foreign language into your own language.    

So I saw a Tweet on my TweetDeck app that had key words from one of the articles on my blog in iPhone Life Magazine and I wanted to know what exactly this person said so that I could possibly respond. Being the Tech Savvy person that I am, I said "There's an app for that and I have it on my iPhone". I do say that a lot and I guess my family is tired of hearing me say that phrase. Anyway, the name of the app is called iTranslate Plus. So here are the steps I used to translate what was on twitter in a foreign language into English so that I could read it.

I opened the Folder that contains the iTranslate Plus app and then clicked on the app icon above.

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iTranslate Plus icon in a Folder

Then I was presented with a screen like this

iTranslate Plus opening screen

Then I pasted the entire message that this person twittered in the top window of this screen.

iTranslate Plus input screen

Then I pressed the Translate button and viola, this is what happened next.

iTranslate Plus translation screen

Now, I am able to read the message this person sent me in another language. Which proves agan that we are one more step to being able to communicate with other people, other languages, in other countries. Now isn't this cool?

The remainder of the screens within the app are as follows:

This screen allows you to send the translation via any of these options.

and if you choose the Twitter button, you'll then get the next screen allowing you to send your translation via Tweetie, Twitterrific, TweetDeck or Echofon. From what I've heard from other readers of the blog and on Twitter, they are all great programs to use. However, if you've been reading some of my other Tweets and blogs, you probably know which one I like to use all the time and why.

and of course, the information screen with several options to choose from.

The top part of the screen is above and the bottom is below.

You can get the program by clicking on the "Available on the App Store" button below and then clicking on the "View in iTunes" button. Be sure to check the price, and if it's acceptable to you then you can download and/or pay for the app within iTunes automatically.




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