iPhones are great tools for Toastmasters

The fear of public speaking is wide spread. Many folks attend Toastmasters meetings in hopes of overcoming the fear and learning how to speak in public effectively. One of the best ways to learn how to speak better is to see yourself on video. iPhones, of course, are idea for recording videos. The fact that you have it with you is a key factor as well.

You can record your fellow Toastmasters or ask one of them to record your speech. Emailing the video is also quick and easy. Before the end of the Toastmasters meeting, everyone can have their speech ready to see at home, in private.

If you belong to Toastmasters, consider offering to record speakers. Do NOT record anyone without their permission.

If you are interested in joining a Toastmasters club, you can find one here. Incidentally, they are all over the world.

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