I admit it ... I like Squares!

Yes, it's true. I'll say it straight out: I like squares!

Square images, that is.

Every since I did wedding photography (many moons ago), I've enjoyed looking at square images. In those days, I used a Hasselblad that shot 2 1/4 square images on 120 film. Today's interest in Holga cameras keep up the use of square images.

When I take photos I frequently think about how they would be cropped for a square. Instagram is very useful when it comes to cropping squares. It allows you to crop images very easily. I like that feature. Here's what it looks like when you are cropping an image using Instagram. I particularly like the idea that you can 'move and scale' the image easily. If you like squares, Instagram is a useful (and free) tool. Try it.

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Joel Heffner is a writer and speaker. He has been writing about photography for about thirty years, ever since his book <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Amphoto-Guide-Wedding-Photography-Series/dp/081743... Guide to Wedding Photography</a> was published. Today, he mainly uses two types of cameras, pinhole cameras and an iPhone, a photographic odd couple of sorts.