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X-Doria Sleeve Stand

The X-Doria Sleeve Stand is a zippered pouch for the iPad (all models) that also incorporates a built in stand via tabs at the opening. I was on vacation last week and brought this with me. I was going to bring my iPad in the Proporta’s sleeve I have been using and also bring Arkon’s foldable tablet stand with me. I received this unit a few days before I left so I used this instead because it incorporated both accessories into one.

It’s a thicker sleeve that is very well padded. Inside are little padded bumps. To and from vacation, I stowed this away in some luggage I had knowing that the padding would protect my device. This was a car trip so I did not need the tablet out of my trunk. On the outside of the case, is a little pouch you can put your sync cable in (and nothing more).  The pictures below show you how to use the case as a stand. It works well for what it is designed for and seems to be built pretty well. There were no defects or sloppy manufacturing items noted. Below are additional photos for your review.

Specs and Features:

•Soft touch nylon pouch w/ padded interior

•Opening converts to display stand for iPad

•Size to be compatible with most iPad cases


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