Who’s Upgrading from an iPad 1 to iPad 2 ?

I saw the specs and features today of the iPad 2. I think they are some very good updates, I’m not sure if I myself am going to upgrade (at least this year). Based on my CURRENT iPad usage, there is really nothing different that I could justify doing on an updated device. My core uses are PIM, documents, web surfing, iTunes, and some games. (That’s not to say my usage would not change with new features though).


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Cost is the other factor for me personally. I have a lot of money invested in my machine. Selling it on craigslist does not seem to be an option right now. Apple dropped the prices by $100 on all iPad 1’s today. They are even cheaper if you buy a refurb. You can by a 16GB Refurb from Apple directly for $349.00. That’s a great price.


My CFO (a.k.a my wife) also declined my request….


I am  jealous about the smaller size though and the camera. I can see the benefit of the camera. The addition of the cameras alone just increased the iPads worth  and usability as a device to be used in the field by companies, organizations, government etc. I’m looking forward to see what happens here.

I will be checking them out at the Apple store though. (Here’s wishful thinking to winning on a scratch ticket before hand to fund my addiction)


My questions to you are:

If you are a current iPad owner, are YOU going to upgrade?

What are you going to do with your iPad 1? 

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