Updated RedEye Mini App

Last Year I reviewed the RedEye Mini from Thinkflood. There was also a manufacturing recall of the unit shortly after that as well but I never heard any updates directly since. I am assuming they got everything all straightened out as they have released an updated app for it.



Part of the press release is as follows:

"ThinkFlood has released a new dedicated application for their popular RedEye mini device today. The new app features a simpler setup for RedEye mini customers who prefer a device-based remote over the original activity-based RedEye application. 

RedEye mini users can choose to download the original RedEye application (now in version 2.0.1) or the *new RedEye mini app*, depending on their needs. The RedEye mini app is small enough to download over a mobile network, and enhances RedEye mini’s portability. 

ThinkFlood representatives say the new RedEye mini application is a response to customer demand for an app that suits casual users who are unfamiliar with activity-based control or those who prefer a more basic device-based universal remote.

The new RedEye mini application is available on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/redeye-mini/id418230793?mt=8 "


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