Two of my Most Used iPad Photo Add-ons

Here are two photo related things I wanted to share that I really enjoy using with the pad. I also get a lot of use out of these.  Besides using these for some of my personal images, I use it all the time for choosing and editing my blog photos.

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The iPad Camera Connection Kit. $29.00

We already know about this as the product is not new, but I use the SD card reader frequently to pull in my images from our camera. I like that I can also delete the images from the memory card then and there after the import (if I want). I have not used the USB connector yet though.


Photogene for iPad: $3.99

This app was recommended to me and is the only photo editing app I have tried and use. I love it. Besides basic editing such as crop, rotate etc, it does add other extras such as special effects and photo frames. You can see the full feature list in the iTunes link below. One of the other features I like is that it allows you to email, FTP upload or send to Flickr or Facebook. The saved images are in the iPads’ saved album. The originals are not overridden which is a feature that comes in handy if you want to keep the original or if you make an editing mistake.


I used to do both of these tasks on my wifes laptop as I do not have any editing software on my old PC. These have allowed me to use my iPad more, especially at my own pace in the comfort of my own chair.

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