Turn Your iPad into an Etch A Sketch!

I was browsing the web yesterday and came across this neat iPad case. A company called Headcase teamed up with Ohio Art, the company that made and sells the Etch A Sketch, and created the Etch A Sketch® iPad Case.

The description on their website is as follows:

"The Etch A Sketch® iPad case is more than just cool!  It is specially designed to protect and enhance your iPad.  Made of impact resistant plastic, the Etch A Sketch® iPad case will help protect your iPad.  Rubber feet and a felt backing gently cradle your iPad inside the Etch A Sketch® case.  Strategically placed windows throughout the Etch A Sketch® iPad case allow for easy use of all your iPad switches, ports, and buttons.  And retractable kick stands allow you to either lay your iPad flat, or angle it for easy use of the iPad keyboard."


The case retail for $39.00 and you can find more information at the below link.



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