Speck iPad 3 Case Mini Review Series: PixelSkin HD Wrap for iPad

Next in our Series is the PixelSkin HD Wrap for iPad. This user is also an iPad 2 owner. The unedited review is below. Video also below and a few pics at the end.

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“PixelSkin HD Wrap is one of Speck’s newest iPad cases that offers stylish and effective protection.  Slim-fitting and available in fashion-forward colors (cobalt, pomodoro, peacock, bubblegum, grape and black), this addition to Speck’s iPad accessory line is sure to be popular.

The PixelSkin’s basic design is similar to many cases: the iPad snaps snuggly into the base and is covered by a flap – both of which are made of the same material.  Here the Wrap surpasses the norm. Its glossy/matte finish is covered by hundreds of tiny squares raised ever-so-slightly from a shiny rubbery surface.  The appearance is high-tech and space age while the very grippable function is superb.  This is one device which will not easily slip through hands or shift about on desks or tables.  Also, the stretchiness of the base allows for easy and quick removal of the iPad, another plus in the Pixel’s favor.

The Wrap certainly is just that; it encloses the iPad fully, buffering it from jolts and tumbles.  Integrated magnets activate iPad sleep/wake functions, a magnetic latch shuts the case securely and openings are provided for charging, speakers, headphones and camera.  On/off and volume controls are accessible by built-in “buttons.”  All functions are operable without removing the iPad from the case; it’s fully functional and ready to go as soon as the cover is peeled back, and puts itself to sleep when closed.

Folding the PixelSkin for viewing or typing is problematic.  The same rubbery quality which makes the material shock-resistant and easy to grip makes folding the cover back into position difficult.  While the cover is segmented into rectangular partitions that delineate fold lines, the stiffness of the plastic keeps the folds from staying in place.  The tendency of the cover to spring out of position prevents the iPad and base from maintaining a useful  and stable angle, either horizontal or vertical.  Perhaps after repeated use, the flap’s springy material would relax and fold without initial bouts of stubborn resistance. 

The PixelSkin HD Wrap comes with a one year warranty.  With iPad inserted, it weighs just under two pounds.  This figure is something to keep in mind if you routinely bring your iPad with you wherever you go.  Even a few ounces can make a difference if you’re carrying an already-heavy backpack, tote bag or purse.

With smart styling, trendy colors and ultimate grippability, Speck’s PixelSkin HD Wrap is an attractive and useful choice for iPad protection.  Modern, functional and hip, this accessory complements the iPad’s techno-vibe perfectly and keeps it snug and secure as well.”


Specks and Features:

-Fits iPad (3rd gen)

-Easy-to-hold design.

-Bump-proof bezel.

-Instant On/Off.

-Versatile stand.


Product Website:









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