Speck iPad 3 Case Mini Review Series: MagFolio Luxe for iPad

Here’s another mini review in this series of the new iPad 3 Speck Cases. The below mini review is unedited and is from an iPad 2 user. (Additional photos at end.)

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“The subject of today's review is the Speck MagFolio Luxe for iPad2/ iPad (3rd generation). The folio is sleek. The cradle fits the iPad perfectly and securely.


Due to the nature of the fresh, new leather, the iPad could easily slide through your hands. The closure is magnetized and does not provide a secure "snap" closing of the cover. The magnetic closure would not be something I would choose in a case that I would purchase for my iPad.


The top of the folio has a rubber-ized on/off button that fits over the iPad on/off switch. This is slightly different than another Speck case that I have which has an opening which allows accessing the on/off switch through the cover.


In addition, the cover does not contain "tracks" allowing the iPad to stand upright for viewing while in the case. However, the interior

cover allows you to set the screen at any angle as opposed to a cover which may have 3-4 tracks. The multiple angle is a bonus with this cover!


The leather has a nice feel to it and I would have to believe it would age and wear nicely. All in all the folio is a great cover for an

iPad that will be used in a professional setting. It is sophisticated and very business-like. The down side is the magnetic closure which

may be a personal preference - so don't be swayed into thinking you may pass on this folio - it's certainly worthy of your attention!

Specks and Features

-Fits iPad (3rd gen and 2ndGen)

-Premium, full-grain leather.

-Infinite viewing angles.

-Instant On/Off. O

-Bump-proof bezel.

-All-around protection, even buttons. From top to bottom—even the Power and Volume buttons—the MagFolio Luxe's got your iPad covered.

-Fit-right cradle.

-Smooth-close tab. Close


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