Speck iPad 3 Case Mini Review Series: MagFolio Lounge for iPad

Without further ado…..(This is an iPad 2 user, her unedited review below.)

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“Speck has designed an iPad2 / iPad (3rdgeneration) case specifically for relaxation – the MagFolio Lounge.  This sleek accessory is contoured for resting on your lap or legs and is tailor-made for leisurely  use of your iPad.  And just in time for off-to-college students who like to study and be comfortable at the same time!

The MagFolio consists of a hard plastic base which accommodates the iPad and sturdy but flexible vegan leather magnetic flap which folds to prop up the iPad into either typing or viewing positions.  It took several readings of the instructions and close attention to the graphics to understand how to turn the flap into an “easel.”  Only after consultation with Speck on line was it apparent that using the Folio for two different angles is accomplished not by an adjustment of the flap, but by physically rotating the iPad and case.  This simple instruction should have been mentioned in the included directions.

The iPad snaps securely into the bezel base, which has convenient openings for all operations, from the on/off switch to photography.  Built-in magnets on the cover activate iPad’s sleep/wake functions, which is practical and functional.  When closed, the MagFolio provides excellent protection from accidental bumps and scratches, though it is not waterproof.  With covering flap folded back, the ingenious arch shape creates a comfortable base; also, the faux suede texture keeps the device from excessive slipping.  The MagFolio is expressly designed for use on lap or legs.  It should be noted that if it’s placed on a hard surface such as a desk or table, there will be some bounciness and instability which may interfere with iPad usage.

Releasing the iPad from MagFolio’s base is a struggle.  The case, while very protective, cocoons the iPad so securely it’s not an easy task to pry it loose.  Folio users should keep in mind that extricating the iPad  is not a quick or breezy operation.

Speck’s MagFolio, with iPad inserted, weighs in at 1 lb., 14 oz. and comes with a one year warranty.  It’s available in basic black, mulberry, sapphire and pine – a wide range of choices for many tastes.  With this accessory, Speck has met its target goal of lounge-friendly iPad use.  It speaks to a select but engaged population that enjoys iPad use in relaxed and casual settings, such as in bed or in a comfortable chair.  And who could find fault with that pleasure?  Speck will be thanked again and again for innovation in leisure-ville! “


Specks and Features:

-Fits iPad (3rd gen)

-Lap-perfect design.

-Instant On/Off.

-Fit-right cradle.

-Smooth-close tab.

-Versatile stand.


Product Website:






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