Speck FabShell Case for iPod touch 5G

This is the last installment in a four-part series comparing iPod Touch 5G cases made by Speck.

My son and I have had alot of fun trying out Speck's iPod Touch 5G cases. But all good things come to an end, and we'll be reviewing Speck's FabShell Case ($29.99) for our final installment of our review series. 

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The FabShell has an overall similar shape to the other models we reviewed, but comes in your choice of 5 fun designs made out of fabric. The one we are using is Deadbolt Black, swathed in lightning bolts and skulls. 

The rest of the case is made of a hard rubber, offering your iPod Touch some serious protection. It has a very stiff feel to it. Like Speck's other cases, the FabShell protects the power button and volume rocker. The rest of the ports and camera area have openings for access.

Specks and Features

  • Fun fabrics;
  • Slim, form-fitting;
  • Reinforced sides;
  • All-around protection;
  • Loop button access.

3 7


  • Easy to take on and off;
  • Lightweight and not bulky;
  • Has material around bezel, offering face-down screen protection;
  • Most (if not all) headphones should fit through the case.


  • The FabShell has thinner and softer material near the charger (could be prone to breakage);
  • Speakers output seems quieter (than without the case);
  • Hard to push the power and volume buttons.

4 2 

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