Some updates and Other Tidbits

I figured I would post a variety of updates of what I have been doing with my tech lately. These are in no particular order.

Documents to go was updated two days ago with support for the iPad. This app is now a universal binary so it can be used on the iPad, Touch, and iPhone. I am looking forward to using it more on the Pad as I think I will get more use of it there than I have had on the Touch.

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I recently downloaded and started using the DropBox file service. I downloaded the free app to my iPad and iPod Touch. There is a folder on my main personal desktop and I just use the online login to upload files from other PC’s I may be using. I believe you get 2 GB free cloud storage. You can pay for more if you want. This is a pretty cool system, and it integrates into Docs to go as well. I only have about couple dozen files in there right now but this will come in handy when I want to reference or edit these on the iPad. I have it on my Touch for the sole purpose of reference only.


I am heading on vacation this month. I am only bringing the Pad and Touch with me for my tech. The place we are renting has wifi so I am looking forward to spending some quality time with  this device. For those of you who have already been on vacation with only your iPad, do you have any tips on what accessories to bring or what accessories you wish you had brought with you?


I typed my last review on the iPad. I initially started it on my wifes laptop and emeiled the word doc to me, where I imported it into pages. It was nice being able to relax a bit, watch some TV amd also do some typing. I still need to find that perfect typing position, as it was a bit uncomfortable. I will figure it out though.


I am planning on picking up the camera kit the next time I am at the  Apple store if they have it. Besides photo’s, I want to see what else I can tinker with it to get more usefullness out of the Pad. 


About a month or so ago, I picked up the Pogo Sketch when I was at an Apple store. I used it a bit and figured I would use it more when I got a screen shield on the Pad. I took it out this week to use it and I like it. I used it a bit with the Free Adobe Ideas app. I want to find an app that I can use handwriting for notetaking on the Pad.  But I also think I would need a different writing utensil though that has more of a piointy edge, for writing. I am also interested in getting back to drawing as well.  Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on any new products out there?

      Here is a review by fellow Expert Blogger Cindy Downes on the Pogo Sketch


If you are looking for an iPad guide, head over to your iBook store. There is a free Official Apple iPad guide that you can add to your library.  I am not sure if this is the same guide that you can access online but its cool to have it in your library as a resource. I found this not too long ago when I was browing the iBook store.


Lastly, I had purchased a Speck Candyshell case for my Touch in February, which I love. The little strip broke it so I sent it back for a warrantly replacement. They are quick, as I had the new one within a week, which included my shipping it back also. I have not put in on yet but I was impressed with that fast service.

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