Review: Vario for iPad by Zerochroma

Here is another unique case that I wanted to try out. I contacted Zerochroma and they were kind enough to send me an evaluation unit. If you are not in the market for an iPad case. You still may also find this interesting as they have the same type of case for other devices. Those include iPhone, iPod Touch and Nano, and Kindle. Take a look at their site to see if your specific model and generation is supported.

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This case is a shell type case. The case is shipped in a cardboard box in a plastic insert. The case itself is made of plastic and does have some rubber inside as well as on the stand tip. Pop the iPad in and you've just put the case on. There are four corner bumpers that secure the device in place.

Out of the various features that are listed below, I think there are two major ones.


Number One: There is a built in theater stand on the rear that is capable of 16 angles in both portrait and landscape mode. The stand pulls out and clicks in place on each of the viewing angles. The round plastic piece rotates the stand to portrait or landscape. This seems to be pretty well built. I was not sure what to expect regarding the material when I first tried this out, but it’s pretty sturdy and not flimsy.


Number two:  You can flip the iPad over with the glass inward so protect the case. This is useful if you transport your device in a bag or just want some protection when not in use.


Of course there are other features and specs but I liked these the most as I think they are the core of this product. The only one I questioned was that it is wrist strap ready. I guess that may come in handy for a safety line when you’re using it in one place or using it in handle mode. There was no wrist strap in the box but their site says you get one with online orders. The case itself was comfortable using when the stand was not in use. There is not too much weight added and it’s pretty slim considering you have a lot of stand options built in. The iPad is pretty secure in the case from falling out. It was a little tricky removing the iPad but I was also being careful as I did not want my iPad to drop.



1. 360° 16-Angle Rotating Theater-Stand

2. Landscape & Portrait Modes

3. Anti-Slip Rubber Bumpers & Stand Tip

4. Interior Rubber Shock Absorption

5. Unlimited Handle-Modes

6. Slim, Fold-Flat Features

7. Reversible Screen-Shield Mode

8. Wrist Strap Ready


Product Page (there is video demo of the case on their site as well)





Three colors


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