Review: USB Cell Drive: Cellink I

USB Cell Drive came out with a couple new products, with one of them being the Cellink I. This neat little gadget is like a mini Swiss army knife that contains some useful tools/features. To start, this little device has a built in 600 mAH battery. Its function is to not fully recharge your device, but to provide you an emergency power source when you are getting low or critical. The version I am using works with iPhone, iPod and iPad. The Cellink U is a Micro USB version.  To recharge the battery, you can use a USB power brick, or connect to you computer.

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Secondly, you can charge your device directly through this when it’s plugged in getting its own charge. Consider it like a mini charging cable.

The third tool is a sync feature. You may need to use a cable extender depending on your computer setup, but I can confirm it synced to iTunes just fine.

The last feature is it has a built in Micro SD/SDCH slot so you can use it as a reader. If you have multiple devices especially ones that use Micro SD cards, then this is where it comes extra handy. My son was using this to download sync and transfer music on his iPod Touch and his Blackberry. This was perfect for him.

This gadget is stored in a little gray plastic case that protects the reader and each plug. This has a very small footprint and is very light. You could throw this in your pocket, purse or gear bag. Check out their website for complete details. They also offer a model that has built in storage of 4GB or 8GB (more pictures at end)


Specs and Features:

•600 mAh rechargeable back up battery restores and extends battery life for mobile devices

•Provides USB charging capability for all mobile devices

•Provides data storage using card reader, supporting general micro SD/SDHC memory cards

•Supports data and media transfer between cell/smart phone and computer

•Patented technology makes it the most complete mobile battery accessory available today







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