Review: URBANEARS Plattan Headphones


I just finished trying out another set of headphones. The Plattan is a medium sized headphone from URBANEARS. This stylish headset comes packaged in a cardboard box which is accompanied by two cable extensions. These extensions allow compatibility with many devices.

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There are a lot of features designed into this unit.

The set folds down for portability. The specs say it “folds down to the size of your fist providing maximum mobility.”  They’re not kidding. It sure does. With this folding, you also have the ability to size and adjust the ear piece to your comfort level also.

It has a built in audio plug that is referred to as the ‘zound plug.” This allows someone else to plug in their headphones into yours so they can listen to your tunes. This is located under one of the ear pieces.

The Plattan also features a built in microphone and remote.

One of the things that is neat is that the cord is covered in what looks like a rope or shoelace material.  It’s different, as I have never seen anything like that before.

These headphones were very comfortable to use. Your whole ear is covered with this style of headphone. I think you get a better music experience as opposed to plugs, but that is solely based on my opinion. I have to say though that compared to the last couple headphones I tried (Zagg and V-Moda), I think these produced the best music experience for me. I really enjoyed them a lot, as my music was clear and I felt like I was a part of it.

The color of my review sample is Ocean. While it may not be mine or your first choice in colors, there are 27 colors you can choose from. Check out the below video for some more info on these cool tune blasters.


Urbanears Plattan from Urbanears on Vimeo.


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