Review: Trident Aegis case for iPad

This case from Trident is called the Aegis. This case consists of two main pieces. There is a full body silicone layer that your iPad slips into. Then there is a hard outer polycarbonate shell that adds the additional protection to your device. The silicone layer portion around the four corners and on the front bezel is exposed. This adds some protection on the front as well as some grips for your hands.

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With the kit, you also receive a screen shield, cleaning cloth, and a 3.5mm audio jack extender. The audio jack extender is included to help make sure your set of headphones will still fit.

There are either silicone plugs or other coverings over the audio jack, dock connector, speaker and volume rocker. The rotation switch is exposed as well as a tiny hole for the microphone. There is also a hole on the back that exposes the Apple logo, as well as some holes on the lower half of the case.


I did not use the included screen shield as I already had one of my own on. If you are going to use the included one, make sure that goes on first before the actual case. Putting the case on was more of a chore than I thought it would be. It took me a little bit to work the silicone in, around and out of the plastic shell, and then get the plastic shell in place. If you own the Otterbox Commuter iPad case, it is basically the same process of installation. Once it’s on though, it’s on.

I mentioned earlier that it reminded me of the Otterbox Commuter. I took my commuter out and they look very similar to me. There is more silicone on the Aegis but the concept is the same in my opinion. The one thing that Otterbox has over this Aegis case is that a large section by the dock connector is removable. While the dock connector on the Aegis is accessible (and protected with a nice silicone plug), it is not Apple Camera Connection Kit compatible. The hole is too small for the kit to fit into the iPad.

The Trident has a couple things over the Otterbox  though. There are multiple color options and the price is $25.00 cheaper. And it’s appears to offer the same protection level as the Commuter.

Using this case was very pleasant and comfortable. The case feels very smooth and non slippery when holding it. It’s not that heavy, and I will say that it’s very sharp looking. I did enjoy using it, but it’s not a daily case for me. I use my camera kit often, so this does not work for me. A version for the iPad2 is expected to be available in mid May. I hope the dock hole is bigger on that one.


Specs and Features:

-Fully-Encapsulated Protection offers complete protection

-Distinctive Construction

-Silicone layer on the inside - in direct contact with the iPad - with a hard polycarbonate shell on the outside. This design gives the case a unique look and feel while maintaining incredible protectiveness.

-Screen Protector included

-Drop Protection System-The four corners of double-thick silicone insulate the iPad from everything including light bumps to violent drops with a unique shock-absorbing design.

-Audio Jack Extension included-

-Anti-Skid Design-exposed portions of silicone give the case a firm grip

-The inner lining and bumpers are silicone.

-The plastic cover is made of polycarbonate.

-All materials are 100% RoHS compliant.


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