Review: Speck Dust Jacket case for iPad



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The Speck Dust Jacket for iPad has been out for a while. This is the first time I have had an opportunity to use it. There is no iPad 2 version.

This case is Folio style which is made of Leatherette (made to look and feel like leather) and Polypropylene. The inside of the cover that touches the screen is made of soft fleece.

Inside the case, there is a plastic tray where you insert your iPad. The tray seems to provide some good protection to the back off your device and swings up to also transform the case into a landscape stand. There are five grooves on the inside of the front cover that provide different viewing angles. The only concern I have with the construction is the plastic hinge. I’m sure it was designed to withstand a lot of swinging but at some point after extensive use, I would imagine it’s possible this is where it would get worn out.

You can also place the stand in more of a smaller angle use, for typing.

All of the buttons, controls, and ports are open for use.

The Dust Jacket is a very sturdy and solid case.  I  like the general looks of it. Like some of the other folios I have tested though, it is very bulky. As much as I want to love this case, unfortunately this is not for me (my wife on the other hand totally disagrees with me on this point). I find that using the case is just too big and heavy for me.

If you use this case yourself, drop some comments below or on our Facebook page and let me know what you think about the Dust Jacket.

Specs and Features:

-Book-Style cover with adjustable stand

-Case folds back to multiple positions for reading, working, or gaming

-Durable padded exterior and plush micro-fleece interior lining

-Dimensions: 1.25" x 8.25" x 10.0"

-Weight: 12.0 oz

-Materials: Leatherette & Polypropylene





(at the time of this posting , it was on sale for $32.47.)  

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