Review: Speck CorePack-10 for iPad & 10" Netbooks

In my search to find the perfect tablet friendly bag, I came across the Speck CorePack 10. Thanks to Speck for sending this over for me to play with. What really intrigued me was that I have never seen a bag or design like this before.

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Strap: The strap is not remove-able and is sewn to the bag. I was worried that the strap would not be long enough like the Timbuk2 Messenger. Those worries quickly disappeared as there is a lot of strap provided. It’s very soft and comfortable to wear and use. Sometimes, I did find one end of the strap twisting in the loop.

Handle: This is an interesting design. It’s built right into the case. It’s different looking but it’s functional

There are two main compartments. These compartments are sewn together at the top and Velcro-ed at the bottom. This allows them to swing open and make a “portable work surface.”

The Device compartment is the closest to your body. This is top loaded and secured by a zipper, and is airport checkpoint friendly. The inside is lined with soft micro-fleece and there is plenty of room to accommodate a 3rdparty iPad case as well (depending on make, model and size). I like that this device pocket is closer to you for security purposes. It’s also very functional to keep wearing the bag and also access the iPad at the same time.

The other outer compartment has a couple mess pockets in it and has room for folders, files, some accessories, etc. It will expand a little bit depending on what you want to put in there. But if you are looking for a lot of ‘open” room like a messenger bag, then you are not going to find it here. While you can most likely put most of your essentials in there, there is a space limit.

There is a flap that covers this compartment that is secured by Velcro. On the outside of the compartment under the flap, there are two smaller pockets with zippers. These have both been designed to accommodate speaker wired to pas through. One of the pockets is smaller than the other. I had used one for my phone and a battery pack in the other.

I liked this bag a lot. To me, it’s a combination between a briefcase and a messenger bag. I liked the fact that it feels very light when I am wearing it. The strap is comfortable and unobtrusive. I used the bag both my iPad (1) and also with another tablet I have.

Specs and Features:

-Unique case for iPads, netbooks, or ereaders features innovative butterfly design

-Padded micro-fleece lined compartment keeps iPads, netbooks, or eReaders safe and sound

-Airport checkpoint-friendly for speedier security checks

-Plenty of room and pockets for accessories

-Convenient headphone cord pass through

-Integrated brief case style handle and shoulder strap







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