Review: Speck Candyshell and SeeThru iPad Cases

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The Speck Candyshell and SeeThru cases are not new, but they are favorites for many. I wanted to see why. This review is kind of a two for one, as I thought these cases were very similar to each other, even though they had their own differences.

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I own a Candyshell for my 2ndGen iPod Touch, and I love it. The iPad version is a little different obviously but I think they did a great job translating it to the bigger size. The back panel on this unit that flips up is a big plus for those owning an Apple Dock. There is material that covers the front bezel and also keeps the screen off the surface if you have to flip the device over (such as maybe during a meeting.)


It’s a tight fit during install but when the case is on, it’s not going anywhere. The edges also seem to do a good job keeping the dirt and dust away from the inside of the case. I also like the softer interior. There was only really one thing that I did not care for. I thought that you had to use a little extra pressure on the volume and power buttons, which are covered by the case material.





One thing to note is that Speck recently released another case called the CandyShell Wrap. So if you are in the market for a Candyshell, make you sure check both of these models out for comparison purposes to see what will fit your needs.


Candyshell Features

-One-of-a-kind design; seamless hard shell case with soft, rubberized interior lining

-Flip-back panel for use with iPad dock and iPad keyboard dock (not included)

-Rubberized interior, front bezel and button covers offer shock absorption and protection

-Hard Shell. Soft Center. Sweet Looks... The ultimate in protection for iPad

-Dimensions: 0.71" x 7.88" x 9.85"

-Weight: 2.5 oz

-Materials: TPE & Polycarbonate (PC)


CandyShell for iPad






The SeeThru is the other case I was using. It has a similar main body and the same back flap at the Candyshell. As the name suggests though, the case is see through. Like the Candyshell, there are different colors. This one here is “clear.” On the back of this case, there is a protruded ridge. It gives the case and device a little lift when laying flat. It also provides some additional grip. My hands were a pretty good fit for this.






The power and volume buttons are covered here too, and the design looks like the same as the Candyshell, from what I can tell. It could just be me or my mind playing games, but I thought these buttons were more responsive on this case. I know there are different colors, but in the case of this “clear,” it’s neat to be able to see the aluminum styling of the iPad and have that extra protection at the same time


SeeThru Features

-One-piece flexible hard case for a seamless look, feel and functionality

-Rubberized front edge and button covers for grip and protection

-Raised traction detail on back for in-hand grip and non-skid use

-Flip-back panel for use with dock & keyboard dock

-Dimensions: 0.75" x 7.72" x 9.81"

-Weight: 1.0 oz

-Materials: TPE & Polycarbonate (PC)


SeeThru Case






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