Review: Proporta’s Maya II Sleeve


Proporta sent me their new iPad Pouch, the Maya II Sleeve, to test out.  This is basically a large slip case for your iPad. I have used slip cases in the past, but not for a device this large (compared to handheld devices). The slip case comes wrapped in a cardboard strip. It’s very basic, but gets the job done with the product information. I like this because it can be recycled easily.

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At first touch, this sleeve looks and feels like leather, but it’s not. It has a nice texture to it and as you can see in the picture, a very appealing design. There are different designs you can choose from. The inside of the case is a very soft material. Between the inside and the outside, there is some padding. Overall, it’s very elegant.




The iPad fits very snug in the pouch. I am very careful when removing it so I do not drop the iPad. I would imagine that the more you use it, the better the fit. I have a screen shield on the iPad already and that is about the only extra room inside. There is nothing on the case to scratch your device, such as a zipper or clasp.  As in most slip cases, one end of the device is left exposed.  It would depend on how you transport this or store it in a bag/backpack, but there is the possibility that stuff could get between the case & device and wreak some scratch havoc. I wish there was a flap of some sort that would cover the exposed end. This would be the only change I would make to the design.






I do not know if a sleeve is for everyone. My wife does not like them as she would rather use the Apple case (flip style). I can go either way. I want something that will be functional for my needs. I frequently change cases, depending on my needs. I see myself doing this for the iPad also. I do like the Maya II though because it holds the pad well. This is well suited for slipping the iPad in the sleeve and then throwing this in your bag and going on your way. I have been storing the iPad in this when not in use.

 You can find more information about the Maya II here:

 The Maya II retails for $29.95 USD and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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