Review: Powis iPad Case

Not too long ago, I was reading the accessories Forums on Macrumors and I spotted a post where a few people were wanted to review a Powis iPad case. The Powis iPad cases were released not too long ago. In this particular instance though, the requestor was, who is a company who provides iPhone and iPad cases. They were recently selected to be an authorized Powis seller. I was waiting to see how many people pounced on an opportunity like that. As you know, I love trying out new accessories, so I imagined there would have been a lot of requests. I stopped by the forums the next day and there were no takers yet, so I decided to put my name in the hat and got the opportunity to test drive it. The only difference here though as compared to my other reviews is I only had 48 hours to use it and then post my review. So this review is based on my last 48 hours usage. As time goes by though, if there are any additional usage items that are important, I will edit and add onto to the end of this.

There are a few other iPad Cases that are probably pretty similar to this one, such as Dodocase, Portenzo and even the new Moleskine Folio. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to get my hands on those yet, so I cannot make any other direct comparisons. I am hoping that the other reviewers may have that insight because I would be very interested in that.  But, from a new user experience, I was excited to try out this type of case. Let me start off by saying the case is packaged in a cardboard box, which is in a cardboard sleeve. Inside you have the case and instructions.


The case is made of 100% recycled cowhide fibers and recycled board. The review sample I have is the Alligator skin, but there are other choices.

On the inside cover, you will notice a piece that feels like rubbery plastic to me. This is on the edge. You can only see a portion of it when the case is closed. This rests on the iPad edge and keeps the cover off the screen. This also acts as a business card holder, by tucking the card edges in.

The main part of the case, or its frame, is where the iPad sits in is made of plastic. You simply slide the right side under the two corner edges. After that, press the two left corners under the tabs. To remove, just press these tabs and reverse. It took me a few times to align the iPad in. I was not sure if the plastic piece went over the full bezel area or the part slightly below it. It’s held in place with the latter. I did try to see if the iPad would fall out and it seems like it’s pretty secure in place.


          Under the iPad in the frame, the designers added a remove-able plastic strip that holds a cleaning cloth tucked in there. That’s pretty neat and useful.

Attached to the back cover is an elastic strip. I am a fan of these, as I think they are very practical and easy to use to keep the covers secured. It is definitely needed here, as there is no other way that the cover stays shut. It’s an inch thick and I did not experience any twisting. Powis lists this as a hand strap also, to help hold it when you are walking. I can’t comment on that usage, as I just bag my iPad when I need to go mobile.

On the reverse of the back cover is where you may find something interesting.  There is a spring loaded plastic stand, which helps in some of the nine positions this case is capable of doing. The stand pulls out and another piece swings out to keep it open. I did not use the stand extensively, as most of my usage involved holding the iPad. The stand does work though. I like the fact that it is built in so you can have that option when you want it, and not have to carry an extra accessory.




The only concern I have is how much force would it take to mess up the spring or snap off the plastic. I think in most situations this would probably not be an issue, but sometimes accidents happen. Also, if you have kids like me that use your device, they may have a different idea of where the stand is supposed to open up to. I am not saying this stand is a problem, but these were just things that I thought about as I was using this case.

One of the important, if not the most important, things that I liked about this case was the weight. When I opened the box, I thought this was going to be a heavy bulky case. I was wrong about that. I have used heavier skinnier cases in the past. For me, this was not an issue at all. It was very comfortable to hold and use.

All the ports and buttons are open and accessible. One thing to note though is that the Apple Connector kit does not fit into the iPad when this case is being used. I had to lift the device up out of the frame to make full contact with the camera kit. I imagine that this could be remedied by using a 30pin extension cable between the kit and the iPad though.

The case itself is very nice. I do not have a problem with the Alligator look. If I was buying this case myself, I possibly may have chosen another covering, but that’s just a personal preference. I do like these book or folio style cases. The covers give that added screen protection. In regards to this product, it looks like a book until you open it.  My wife spotted it and told me that she liked this one the best so far out of the past cases we have used. She and my son also used the case this weekend and I did not hear anything negative about it.


In conclusion, I have enjoyed using this case during the last 48 hours.  There is a video from Powis of the case, where you can see some of this in action. currently has this case on their sister site. They will be expanding iCasesOnline in the coming weeks to also include the Powis Case.


$59.99 and $79.99.




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