Review: Pinlo Xyber Pro iPad Case

I had contacted a company called Pinlo because I saw they had an iPad case called the Xyber Pro. I thought it was different and unique and was very interested in trying it out. I have been using it for a few days now and it’s a really nice case. As you can see, the case comes in a plastic container. It’s re-sealable, so for the sake of recycling, keep it and you can store the Xyber Pro back in it if you switch to a different case (depending on your task). This case is made of “transparent crystal plastic and liquefied silicone on each corner.”

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You get two pieces in the kit. There is a piece that is in the shape of an ‘X.’ It clips to the back of your iPad, more specifically to the corners. It has some grips near the Apple logo for your fingers. But I think the real purpose is to help prevent the back of your device from getting scratched when it’s laying down flat.

The second piece, or the shell, is the cover. I feel like this is a Transformer. One minute it’s a shell case that fits on the back of the iPad (over the X). The next minute, it fits over the front of your iPad to protect the glass. It’s more than meets the eye…..

The shell installs and uninstalls very easily. When it is installed on the back, it does cover some of the front bezel. It’s not very high, but it does at least offer that bit of protection. I like keeping this on the back when I am using it because the silicone is very comfortable and I do not have to deal with the slipperiness of the iPad.

One final important thing to mention is that it does not really add too much weight. It’s very light. You can also purchase the pieces in this series separately if you only wanted one or the other. Check out the website for those details.


Here is the Youtube video of the case so you can see some more of the detail.


Specs & Features:

- Triple structure

- Three materials (Hard Plastic + Semi TPU + Super Soft Liquefied Silicone)

- The two pieces can be used alone or together


Product Page:

It comes in: Purple, Clear, Blue, Grey, Red and Yellow.



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