Review: OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPad

Not too long ago I tested and published a review on the very cool OtterBox Defender Case for iPad (link below). I just recently also received the opportunity to test drive the Commuter Series for the iPad.

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I did not take a photo of the box and folder inside. It’s the same design (different wording) as the Defender Case. You also get the screen shield which is one of the three layers of protection, along with the cleaning cloth and squeegee. It’s a very nice packaging presentation when in all said and done.

The case itself consists of three component pieces. You have the silicone wrap that covers the iPad, followed by the plastic piece that goes over the silicone, followed by the plastic charging cover. The speaker area and the screenlock slider have a precise cutout. The audio and power buttons are covered with the silicone. The audio jack and microphone have a silicone plug that flips up.  As you look at the back of the case, each corner is covered with the silicone. The rest is the plastic covering. The Apple

Logo (Wi-Fi antennae) is visible with a clear piece of plastic, just like the Defender. The OtterBox logo is also located on the back corner.

Again, I have a screen protector on the iPad so I did not try out the OtterBox one that was included. There are two round smaller stickers holding the charging door in place to the plastic backing. Please remove those before installation. Putting the case together is not too difficult, all though it was very tricky snapping the top part in place. While I do not have a video camera to show you what I mean, I have provided you the next best thing. I went to YouTube and pulled a few of the unboxing / review / install videos so you could see the components and process in action. These are just three of the many videos out there.

The difficult part was making sure the little earphone plug was not in the way when I was trying to get the plastic over the top of it during the final part. I pressed the plug firmly in place and worked the plastic over it. The same thing goes for the power button, but that was not as bad as the earphone plug. Once that was on though, there were no problems and the fit was perfect. Just be careful when you are doing this so you do not tear the microphone plug off.


This case is very light as compared to the Defender Series. I figured it would not be as heavy because of the additional protection which that series has, but the Commuter is really light and thin. I have been using it for five days now and I really like it. Even though it is not that heavy, you are still getting a lot of protection for the iPad. My wife thought the Defender was too heavy and made sure I knew that every time she used the iPad. Since I have been using the Commuter series, I have not heard a peep come out of her (This case may never come off the iPad again).

The retail price of this case is $64.95.



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