Review: Otter Box Utility Series Latch for iPad


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The Latch is a utility accessory for the iPad 1. It can be used in conjunction with the Defender or Commuter series case, or it can be used by itself. The system comes attached on a cardboard sheet. It reminds me of a backpack for your iPad when you are looking at it. But don’t let that picture fool you. It’s packed with several add on accessories so you can get the most use out of your device.




The Latch is designed to provide various ways of holding, using and viewing your device, especially if you use it outside.


You get the following:


1-Latch Base-I’m not sure if this is the official name but it’s the main part. It attaches to the back of your iPad and is held in place by four strong elastic straps on the corners. This base part is essentially what everything else attaches to. In my review, I used it on a naked iPad.


2-Handstrap-The hand strap is on the back of the base. This does come off as well.



3-Strap-The strap can be used like a lanyard or on your shoulder. I did not use this in my review outside. The weather has been too bad for me to bring my iPad out. This strap attaches to any of the four holes on the pad. The strap is also adjustable. It has thicker material towards the center to make it more comfortable and usable on your neck/shoulder area.



4-Headrest or Leg Strap-This strap can be used for either or. It slides in through the base. Each end is secured by Velcro. I know what you’re gonna say. Who the heck would strap on an iPad to their leg? The purpose of it is to secure the iPad to your leg while you are stationary. It would depend on your particular use, such as if you are inputting data into the device on a job site.




5-S-biner utility clip-This clip attaches to a loop strap that is tucked behind the Latch base. There are multiple uses for this.



6-Screencover-Think of this as a non waterproof shower cap for your iPad. It is not waterproof but it will help protect your device a bit if you encounter bad weather. This will also help keep dust and dirt out some also.






7-Storage Bag-It’s a neat little storage bag that holds all of these accessories. This attaches to any of the four clips holes on the back also. You do not need to use it if you do not want to. This bag would also be good to hold a power plug and cable as well. The bag also acts as a stand if you want (as long as you have stuff in the bag to hold the iPad up).



As you can see, there is a lot of thought and detail placed into this accessory. It’s also a small footprint, so it can be packed and brought with you easily. Based on my current device use, this is not an accessory that I would use on a daily basis. I would be using it on an as needed basis. I do see though how this accessory can change and increase the way you use your iPad. I can also see the Latch being used by people in the field who use an iPad as part of their job. There is a lot of potential here.



If you are using the Latch yourself, drop a comment below and tell us how and what you use it for.



Product Website:,default,pd.html?dwvar_APL8-IPAD1_color=20&start=3&cgid=apple-ipad-cases









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