Carry Your iPad in Style with the OGIO Covert Shoulder Bag [review]


In my never-ending quest to find the perfect bag to help me stay organized in my daily routines, I had the pleasure to try out OGIO's Covert Shoulder Bag ($79.99). This basic-looking bag is the 11” version, meaning it can hold iPad, tablets, netbooks, or small laptops. Multiple pockets provide ample storage room for my daily essentials (the flatter the object, the better, though). Anything that is really large or bulky will probably not fit in the bag. The bag is not designed to haul these items like a backpack or very large messenger would, as this design maintains a slim outline. But don’t get me wrong, you can still fit a lot of stuff in it.

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Here is a rundown of the Covert Shoulder Bag's features and compartments:

  • Small Zippered Pocket— Situated on the outside of the bag. The product page says this is a zippered audio pocket with hidden audio port. Unfortunately I can’t find any hidden ports. This little pocket is great for your iPhone or iPod Touch or some other fast access item. I have been keeping a portable CPR mask/gloves in it.
  • Front Compartment secured by Zipper—Contains a padded sleeve inside where you would store and secure your tablet or 11” laptop. On the side you have some additional storage pockets. This compartment is where the bag lets me down some. Besides the pen holders, there are only a couple smaller pockets. The opposite (inner) side is all one piece and does not have any pockets at all. Not including the tablet holder, this compartment is essentially one large pocket. A suggestion I would have for future versions would be to add larger and additional pockets so I can have more organization options. I don’t like my stuff flopping around all mixed up with each other. I like orderly storage. If I did not care about pockets, I would just use a pillow case.  In my daily use, I carry my iPad and/or Nexus 7, pens, pad, business cards, and an occasional charger.  The folio iPad case I use also fits in this slot well. That I think is an important option for us folks who like to use iPad cases. Because there are no additional useful pockets, I put my reading glasses and charger in the wide open (with other junk I sometimes have).

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  • Back Compartment secured by Zipper—This storage space is one large padded pocket. I keep files, my Evernote Moleskin pad, court forms, training sheets and other documents. It’s a useful pocket for these types of things.
  • Open Pocket on Rear—This is a top loader pocket which does not seal and is big enough for additional files or other stuff you may want to carry. You do have a little flexibility to add a more bulky item here, but to the extent that only the pocket allows.

The bag has two carrying options, two thin handles and a non-removable strap. It is adjustable and contains a good deal of strap material, which I am always thankful for. I found the strap and bag to be very comfortable and unobtrusive when I wear it. The only thing that bothers me is that a lot of times I find the strap twisted if I don’t put it on right, which bugs me (I know, user error). To fix this I have to take the time to straighten it out. Unlike some other bag manufacturers (like STM), this strap does not contain any twistable/turning pieces. These would help the bag get untwisted easier. To play the devil’s advocate though, it’s one less piece that could get worm/broken.


Overall, I do like the bag. It’s light, functional, well-constructed, and has pleasing aesthetics. It’s a good size that I think would accommodate most people’s daily needs.


Specs & Features:

-Front compartment is designed to fit a range of netbooks or tablets with screens up to 11” in size

-storage pockets include zipper guards

-Padded secondary zippered compartment for versatile storage

-Front access zippered audio pocket with hidden audio port

-Padded adjustable shoulder strap

-Nylon webbing top handles

-Padded quick access back panel slip pocket

-Made with Grosgrain, Nylon slub, 1000D Kodra fabrics with water-resistant coating, Hypalon, Nylon webbing, Vislon zippers

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