Review: Mobile Cloth

The folks at Mobile Cloth sent me over their screen cleaning tool called, “Mobile Cloth” to test out. This accessory comes in two sizes and has a special pattern that they call “Nubs.”  “Each nub acts like hundreds of tiny suction cups to pull fingerprints smudges, and germs away from the surface of your device and into the cloth with one or two swipes.”

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Don’t let the shortness of this review fool you, as I feel this is a pretty effective product. I have used many different cleaner cloths in the past, of different materials and quality. The Mobile Cloth is very soft and when I first felt it, it reminded me of a wash cloth that you may find in your bathroom closet. I have to tell you, this cleaned my screen like nobody’s business. I did not have to use any force at all. I admit that I actually tried it on a non iOS tablet first. But as soon as I cleaned that, I hit the iPad, our iPod Touch and the rest of my gadgets that were in my path. This is the type of accessory that every gadget owner should have in his/her arsenal. It’s not going to scratch your device, it’s affordable (great gift idea) and it works!

Check out the video below from their website. I also posted a few of my pics at the end.



-Made of split micro fibers 100 times thinner than a human hair

-Removes 98% of Germs without Chemicals (according to the EPA)

-Can be used wet or dry

-MC Nano is 4” X 4”

-MC Classic is 9” X 9”

-Care instructions on how to clean are provided


Product Page: 




Check out the website for the various sizes and configurations. 


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