Review: Just Mobile Xtand Go

Just Mobile sent me over their Xtand Go, which is a windshield/dashboard mount system for your portable device. The Xtand Go can be used with your iPhone 4 or pretty much any other portable device you have.

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In the box you get the following contents: Instruction sheet, catalog, windshield suction cup mount, foldable arm, iPhone 4 clip, alcohol swab, and three glue free buttons.


If you prefer not to use the windshield mount, or are in a state that prohibits that usage, there is a plastic tab and double sided tape which is called the glue free tab. One side of the tab would stick to your vehicle and the other side slides and locks into the arm.

The windshield mount resembles those of the current TomTom devices that twist and suck. This mount worked very well to stay secured to my window.

The main part is the foldable arm. There are three sections, where one of them can be removed if you want. Each side is the same, as it has a lever that allows you to slide and lock the buttons, mount and clip. The arm is very adjustable and pose-able, something that I find useful.

I am not sure why this version is still called the Xtand as the holder is not that “X” shape anymore. The design was changes to accommodate the shape of the iPhone 4.  Regardless, the rectangular clip is used to secure your iPhone 4. If you do not have an iPhone 4, you can use their glue free tabs to secure your device to the arm. That is what I used for my review. The tab would stay on your device and just slides in and out of the foldable arm end.

As you can see on my phone, I stuck the tab on my case. It’s surprisingly very secure. I did find that it was difficult sometimes to remove my phone from the arm. The tab sits tight in place and you need to make sure that the lever is pressed down fully. If you are using an iPhone 4 with the included clip, this is not an issue. The small footprint of this system also makes it an ideal accessory for when you travel.




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