Review: Just-Mobile AluPen and AluCube

Last fall, I had the opportunity to use the Alu Pen from Just-Mobile. Sine then there has been updates to it to include multiple vibrant colors as well as a Pen/Stand Combo. The link for the original pen review is at the end of this post, as there is no need to duplicate the same review twice for the pen itself. But what I am using now is the combo kit called the “AluPen and AluCube.”

As in the past Just-Mobile products, this kit comes packaged in a well presented manner as you can see in the pics. This kit includes the following items:

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-Cube (stand)

-Case for the Pen

-Instruction Pamphlet and Just Mobile Sticker

We already know about the Pen so let’s look at the cube. This stand is a solid brushed aluminum that holds your AluPen in place upright when not in use. The pen holder as well as the pad under the base is made of rubber, so it’s not going to slip or scratch. You will also notice in the pictures that there is a groove/cut out in the bottom. If you wanted to, you can place your sync/charge cable under it for organization purposes. The cube also makes a pretty good paper weight as well.


Even though I’m not directly talking about the pen this time, I will mention the pen case. This is a nice little sleeve the AluPen fits in which provides good protective covering for the tip/pen should you use this product on the go.

If you are in the market for this for yourself or as a gift, check out the below website for further details.


Specs and Features:


-Iconic design

-High-quality aluminum construction

-Ultra-soft rubber nib for smooth control

-Compatible with all capacitive touchscreens

-Works with all iPad & iPhone apps

-Perfect partner for drawing and painting apps

-Deluxe carrying case included

-Spark Award Silver 2010


-Premium solid aluminum

-Soft rubber recess

-Non-slip rubber base

-Press-on cable holder/ anchor


Product Website:





My Previous AluPen Review Link:


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