Review: Incase Origami Workstation

If you use your Apple Wireless keyboard with your device, this accessory may be of interest to you. The Incase Origami Workstation is a combination case and stand. This case was “Inspired by the Japanese art of paper-folding” and “provides complete protection for your Apple Wireless Keyboard.”

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The case itself is pretty light and does not really add any bulk. The material reminds of me of the Official Apple iPad (1) Case, but not as soft. It also gets dirty but cleans off pretty easy. You can see that in one of my pics below.

It’s very simple and straightforward to use. There is a plastic clip inside that the keyboard snaps securely in place. There are two Velcro tabs that serve a double purpose. With the cover closed, the Velcro tabs secure the two sides of case together.

To transform the case into a workstation, open the top cover and bend the two corners at the crease back. The Velcro tabs are also used here to keep the corners together which in turn becomes the stand. This should handle a wide varies of third party cases as well as a naked iPad. As you can see, there is plenty of space to support the iPad in a case. You can use the iPad in landscape or portrait mode.

I did not have any usage issues with this accessory. It does the job well and provides a very stable “workstation.” I like the keyboard protection it’s designed for, as well as helping to keep the keyboard itself clean when not in use.  I would even say that even if you use your iPod Touch, iPhone, or other device with the keyboard (and not an iPad) this would still be an excellent accessory to have.


Specs and Features:

-Lightweight case for Apple Wireless Keyboard

-Folds into stand for iPad

-Offers horizontal and vertical iPad viewing

-Secure snap-in keyboard attachment

-Velcro tabs for easy closure and stand setup


Product Page:





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