Review: iAM Stylus


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The owners of the iAM stylus contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing their new stylus called the iAM Stylus. I am glad they did as I am finding it’s a nice accessory, and one that is also very unique on the market. This is a brand new accessory that just came out. (Note: my photos are at the end).

The stylus is made of aluminum. It’s a very solid and tough design and very light weight. Even though it’s light, it does not feel like a lot of those cheap styluses on the market. This was one of the reasons they created this product because they could not find a stylus that was quality made and also would fulfill all of their needs. The stylus itself is pencil shaped and is a great length.

Now for the good part. Here is where the uniqueness comes in. For starters, there are two small magnets built in that will attach to the smart cover on your iPad 2/3 or any other magnetic surface. I could not test that part out because I have the original model. But this could be one of the ways to keep track of your accessory if you tend to those things (I do). The primary unique feature is that there is a stylus at each end. One end is 7.0 mm and the other is a smaller 5.5 mm. The two different sizes were intended to be used for larger screens such as tablets or smaller screens such as phones. But you can use either end on whatever screen you want. From tip to tip, the stylus comes in a little over 4 ¾”. There is also a cap that protects the smaller end and has a little lanyard.

I don’t use a stylus for a lot of my tablet functions. That’s why I have 10 fingers. But in cases where my finger may be too big or I want more of a natural writing experience, I do go to a stylus. Lately, I have been a Draw Something fanatic and this is where my primary testing has taken place. That is one app where I would prefer to use a stylus for drawing. When I have not been using it, my wife has been on her tablet. She also uses her iPod Touch with Draw Something and the iAM Stylus has worked well for her.  iAM pretty sure that once this review is published, that she will be taking ownership of this.

I’ve taken a close look at the review sample and I do not see any manufacturer flaws, imperfections or mistakes. It really does look like a solid build and I have enjoyed using it. There is nothing else out there like this.


Specs and Features:

-Magnetically Attaches to Smart Cover

-Double Tipped (7.0 mm and 5.5 MM0

-Pencil Shaped

-Light Weight, machined aluminum body

-Works with capacitive screens


Product Website:






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