Review: HandStands iPad Case with Keyboard

HandStands sent me over their iPad Case with Keyboard for review. In the package you get the brown case, instruction sheet and the mini USB cable for charging. The product looked pretty decent as I removed it from the package and opened it up. I noted the nice looking stitching around the edges.  As I examined the case/keyboard, I then realized it was almost an exact copy of the Kensington Folio case. The review is in the below link, which I think you will want to compare these against each other.

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The only physical difference between the two that I immediately noted was that this case has a flap that is secured by a couple magnets to keep the case closed. This was an item I had mentioned in the Kensington review that I wish that case had.

Now, regarding the usability of the case, I still stand by my thoughts that I noted on the Kensington review. Nothing has really changed here, because it’s the same case. Here is the short version of my thoughts as it applies to this case as well.


Most of the buttons and holes are accessible. There is no hole for the light sensor though. The camera kit does fit with the case on (I use the kit often so it’s important to me).

It’s the same silicone keyboard as the Kensington except there is no FCC information imprinted on the upper right hand side. Some of the rubber also looked raised a bit. Other than that, it connected fine to the iPad, charged with no problems, and seemed to work with no issues noted.

 The back and front cover feel cheap. The material feels like the plastic used in a shower curtain. As you can see in the pics, the outer material is not attached to the hard cover material in the folio when the case is open. (It’s tight when the case is closed). In my opinion, the cover is very flimsy when open.


-Regarding the instruction booklet. It has your standard information on how to set up the Bluetooth connection. But what I noted was that throughout the entire document, it is filled with punctuation and grammatical errors. There are also many sentences that just do not make sense at all. If this was a product that my company was selling, I would be very embarrassed about this. Now this has nothing to do with the case, but it reflects greatly on the company selling it.


The price of this case is $99.99 as you will see below. Even though it’s almost an exact clone of the Kensington, I would not classify it as a high quality case like the Kensington Bluetooth Folio. This is something I think you would see on an “As Seen on TV” commercial for way under $99.99. That is my opinion.


-         Stylish and sleek case offer complete protection to your iPad

·         Full QWERTY keyboard made of rugged silicone, dust and water proof

 ·        Custom cutouts allows full access to all iPad controls and connections

 ·        Built-in 450mAh lithium battery offers up to 100 hours of continuous use.

 ·        Connects via Bluetooth 2.0, USB cable for charging purposes only

 ·        Durable luxe-leather construction

 ·        Interior micro-fiber lining for scratch protection

 ·        Converts from carrying case to stand with various viewing angles

 ·        Magnetic snap system closure


Product Page






  • *I think it’s too heavy and awkward for an everyday case. I think your primary use of a case like this is for the keyboard services when out and about, but not if you are surfing the web on your couch and have it flipped in half.

  • *I prefer regular keyboard keys to silicone but I imagine you would get used to this.

  • *Can be used for Multiple purposes (travel, home, school etc)

  • *Easy to use
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