Review: Ektopad F1 for iPad

If you like playing games on the iPad then I think this review and product might be right up your alley. Enter the Ektopad, a case that encompasses your device and gives you really something to hold onto to. Whether you are playing games that involve flying, boating, or driving (on this planet or not), this case may help your overall experience.

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I am going to quote this from their website because it’s the perfect description. The case is “made from soft silicon, ektopad resembles the Wii controller silicon with it's intricate rib structure.”  The case comes with minimal packaging, but you’re not purchasing the container. You also receive an elastic strap that attaches to the Ektopad. This extra goody is designed to attach the setup to the rear of your car’s headrest so your passenger can watch videos or enjoy other iPad entertainment. The strap can even be used in other applications and places where you may want to watch videos as well.



Installing the iPad into this gaming case is very easy and simple. That is one of the great features I like about this. The iPad can be slipped in or taken out of the Ektopad very quickly. It fits the iPad very well and allows total access to all the buttons and plugs. As you can see in my pictures below, the home button, 30 Pin connector, some of the speaker, headphone jack, orientation lock and on/off button all have cutouts. There is a molded switch cover that controls the volume rocker.



On both sides of the case, there are loops where you would thread the elastic strap.


So how does it feel when you are using it?  Well, the case feels like you are holding onto a steering wheel. It feels very meaty in your hands and I can tell you that I did not worry about dropping the Pad or did not worry about the iPad slipping out of it. The silicone is not slippery at all and is very comfortable to hold. Not only did I try it out, but I had two preteens and one of my buddies also take it for a test drive as well. We used the “Real Racing GTI” game from the app store. I also used my “Pacific Defense” game with it and I really think this case helped with the gaming experience. They all loved it. (I actually found a few other games now that I am going to have to buy to use with this.)


The case does offer some drop and shock protection. In one of the links below, there is a video that demo’s this.

The case retails for $39.95 and is made by and can be purchased from, Uzibull (yoo-zuh-buhl). The case comes in both white and charcoal.


I also linked in a video review from a YouTuber to give you another perspective and look at it. (A very nice video)

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