Review: Cyber Acoustics IC-1000 iPad Case / Cover


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I have been using the Cyber Acoustics IC-1000 iPad Case and I can say that I am impressed with it. This case may be ideal for a person who especially likes the Apple case style but wants added features. There are a few similarities between the two but it pretty much stops there. Cyber Acoustics took over and added their own spin on it. I'm not sure why they named it the IC-1000 but they did one heck of a job with the case.


This folio style case is made of soft leather and comes in both black and red. When you open the case, you will notice a few things right away.

On the inside of the soft felt cover is an elastic hand strap. This comes into use when the cover is flipped on the back. I used it on and off and it was fairly comfortable and convenient to have. Even if you choose not to use it, it does not take up any room or get in the way.

You will also take note of two additional smaller elastic straps on the front cover corners. I love these. They're a simple solution but they are very effective and they do the job. If you choose to use them, they can be used to keep the case covers secured together. Or if you reverse them, you can secure the covers back to back while using the iPad. This works out well, especially if you are using the hand strap.

The iPad itself is held into place by snapping each of the corners into the holding mechanism. It feels like it’s a combination of rubber and plastic. The corners where the device gets secured in place will not scratch. I have had my pad in and out several times without any issues.

In my time of using this, the iPad seems very secure. There is no slippage and these corner pieces keep the pad securely in place. Two things that I really like about the way the device is held in place are:

1) There is nothing covering or obstructing the screen. There are no edges for dirt, dust etc to get stuck in, which also means it's very easy to clean the screen.

2) A lot of the aluminum edges of the iPad are exposed. As I said in other reviews, I like the protection cases offer but I love that aluminum look. This is like the best of both worlds for me.

All the buttons, speakers and sensors are all accessible.

On the back of the case, is a tab. Similar to the Apple case, this product can be turned into the same two stands / angles. You want to type, you can. You want to watch a video. You can do that too. When I first received this, it would not stand in the viewing angle. But as I used it more, I did not experience that issue again.

I am looking forward to using this one more.


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Price: $39.99

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