Review: Booq Taipan Slim S

Last month I reviewed and tried out the Timbuk2 Freestyle Messenger bag. While I generally liked it, there were a couple things that I was not fond of. The strap being the major one and the iPad insert being the minor one. I have had an opportunity to use the Booq Taipan Slim bag, and while it’s not a true messenger bag, this bag addresses all these issues.

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The Taipan is made of nylon, has a water repellant coating and comes in larger sizes also. This bag will fit up to a 13” laptop. But what is really cool is that this bag will support your iPad while it’s in a wide selection of third party cases.

There are multiple pockets in this bag.

The main center compartment is where your laptop or iPad would go. It very soft and also very padded for protection. It is secured via zipper at the top. The space is large enough to accommodate an iPad in a case. I tried the following cases with my iPad 1 and they all fit fine: Speck Fitted, Otterbox Commuter, Trident Aegis, Sena Keyboard Folio, Powis case, Fabrix Folio, and of course the official Apple Case.


On both sides of the bag outside of the main compartment, there are another set of pockets. These pockets are also lined inside. In them, you will find retractable hideaway handles. These are very cool. In one of these side slots, you will also find a smaller pocket that you can slip your phone in.

There is one last pocket on the outside that can be accessed under a flap, which is also secured by a zipper.

The strap on this setup is very user friendly. The clips are all made of metal and you can fully remove the strap should you not like it. The strap is two inches wide but is soft and bendable. This is contrary to the Freestyle Messenger. Best of all, the strap length is adjustable. I opened it up and measured it from end to end. It’s short of being 5 feet in length. Even though we are just talking about a strap, I appreciate the detail and adjustability that was designed into this.

Lastly, this bag also has a unique serial number on a metal tag for the Terralinq service. You can register your bag with them. Should you misplace your bag and an honest person finds it, being registered will help them track you down to get your bag back.

While this bag is like a stocky little briefcase more than a true messenger style, I think there are a lot of benefits here. The straps and handles give you the various carrying options. The bag is not that heavy because of the Nylon design. You get the versatility to carry your iPad in your favorite case, along with other stuff you may carry with you. While it certainly is not the largest bag out there this is a decent size. If you like to travel light with a little more than the essentials, then I think this bag could be a great solution for you.

Take a look at their site as there is a full gallery of photos.


Specs and Features:

-Fits 13-inch Mac/PC

-Exterior 14x10.4x2.3 (356x264x58mm)

-Weight 1.8 lb (0.82 kg)

-Densely padded laptop compartment with super soft plush interior.

-Hidden mobile phone pocket with soft lining.

-Un-snap internal front pocket divider to increase space for larger items.

-Padded lip inside laptop compartment protects laptop from zipper.






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