Review: Aviiq Ready Clips

Aviiq recently introduced a product they call Ready Clips. These are compact charging and sync replacement cables that eliminate those messy tangled up cords. They come in Micro and Mini USB, as well as the Apple connector sizes. They have a clip built in that can be secured in a pocket, or be placed in your tech bag as is. They are bendable and seem to be built well. They have a neat rubbery/plastic feel to them.

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They are only 5.5 inches long and are designed for use within that range. Obviously, they would not work for any distances or use greater than that. In my instances, I found that this was the case in multiple areas in my house where I use a standard device cable for charging and syncing. The standard cables that came with the device just worked as needed and I could not make use of the Ready Clips. However, I did find this very useful in other places that did not require such a long cable. One of the things I do hate about the device cables is they get all over the place and tangled up. There are multiple devices in our house multiplied by three people. You do the math on how ugly that can get. I can see where this accessory would be a blessing, especially when traveling

I have to play devil’s advocate on this one because the size was perfect for some things and just did not work on others. I won’t be able to completely eliminate cables but I can make use of these more for a tidier appearance, especially when using a laptop with my gear. I can also see where these will be awesome for traveling which is probably where a good portion of the use will be. Check out the specs and website for further details.

Specs and Features:

-Convenient way of charging or transferring data to and from any USB 2.0. 

-Eliminate headaches associated with tangled cables via a minimalistic pen-sized design,

-Available for Micro, Mini and Apple devices.

-Measures 5.5 inches long, ¼ inch thick and weighs less than 0.5

-Completely bendable and feature a conveniently designed clip that allows it to be secured in any pocket, strap or notebook

-100% satisfaction guarantee offering a full refund within 30 days of purchase and are available individually or in sets starting at $12.99.


Product Website:



Individual or in Sets between $12.99 and $29.99. See website for details. 

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